Logic – preroll Grease @ Milano Film Festival

In 2018, an unedited and remastered version of Grease was screened at the Milano Film Festival.

Thanks to the brand of flavors for e-cigarettes Logic, the film on that occasion was shown in odorama! 

Curious to know what it means?

The video we made is nothing more than an explanation for those present at the screening, so that they don’t get scared during the “vape” 🙂 

We ventured into a graphic restyle of Grease’s characters with a “vintage” treatment, wrapping the video in the best possible way with some original fresh music by Giancarlo Boselli.

Client: Logic
Agency: TBWA
TM producer: Federico Maccagni
Illustrations: Giulia Ripa
Animation: Luca Cattivelli
Sound design: Giancarlo Boselli