I Borghi Animati – Winning project for the MIC contest

We are super happy that our proposal for this contest made by the Italian Ministry of Culture has been welcomed with such enthusiasm, leading us to win the “villages” dedicated section.

The purpose of the contest was to create products that would enhance the Italian villages and encourage tourism.

Our idea was to give life to that infinity of legends and stories that populate our peninsula but that we simply cannot grasp with a glance. What better way to do this rather than by involving some of the best Italian illustrators.

We therefore asked each illustrator to choose a village that they cared about, represent a legend set there, in order for us to animate it.

20 illustrators with 20 different styles, for 20 villages with different flavors, a colorful mosaic well representative of our country.

Here you will find all the videos made for the campaign: https://vimeo.com/showcase/8738094

Client: Ministero della Cultura
Creative proposal and art direction: Federico Maccagni, Barbara Bosini
Production: That’s Motion
Illustrations: Roberto Blefari, Elisa Macellari, Giulia Zoavo, Luca Cattivelli, Giovanni Costa, Chiara Vercesi, Elisa Seitzieger, Alice Berti, Pao, Federico Santoro, Giulia Ripa, Silvia Reginato, Andrea Dall’Ara, Federico Tramonte, Alessandra Marianelli, Alessandro Pugiotto, Luca Soncini, Mirko Camia, Alessandro Marzucco, Christian Cornia.
Animation: That’s Motion
Copywriting and voice overs: Glomarì
Music and sound design: Alessio Zanin, Nicolò Albis, Giancarlo Boselli