RIDE opening titles

Milestone asked us to create the opening titles for their videogame Ride 2.

Luca Cattivelli coordinated the creation of the 3D environments made by Luca Maniscalco, after which he took care of setting up camera movements and recreating a very particular graphic mood by eliminating the shading of the three-dimensional elements.

The result was very satisfying, so much so that the client decided to entrust us with the title sequence of his sequel: Ride 3. 

The collaboration then continued with the teaser trailer and logo animation of the fourth title, which features the silhouettes of the new liveries used in the game with a graphic treatment based on outlines, neon-lights and smoke.

Client: Milestone
Agency: Milestone
MS producer: Francesco Simonetti
Graphic designer: Luca Cattivelli, Marcello Lega
Motion graphic designer: Luca Cattivelli, Marcello Lega
3d animation: Luca Maniscalco